Hail Damage
Wind Damage

My roof is damaged! What do I do!?

Although initially it may seem like a cheaper option to go for a quick patch job, quick roofing fixes can end up costing more money in the long run. If the damage is minor, a good repair job can help extend the life of your roof without breaking the bank.

How do I inspect the damage?!

Actually climbing onto a roof to do an inspection yourself is not always the best idea. Fortunately, you can use basic observation skills to scan the interior and exterior of your home for helpful information. From inside, start by inspecting the attic and ceilings for damage. Check your home for any damage along the walls and ceilings and make a note of the location and size. Are they moist, stained, or damaged in any way? Is it just in one area or spread over a large portion? On the exterior, roof shingles on the ground after a storm or parts of the roof coming up likely means your roof needs more than a little TLC.

Now what?!

Damage limited to one area may only need a repair job, while widespread damage can indicate need of a new roof. If you’re unsure about anything or curious about options available to you, contact us for a thorough, expert inspection! Tipton Windstorm Construction ensures any and all damage is accounted for and we guide you through the options so you can feel confident taking the next step in weather proofing your home.

Our company has been helping home owners for over 20 years as a fully authorized contractor and member of the Roofing Contractors Association of Texas. We work closely with insurance companies to ensure homeowners are covered in full by their policy, and our employees are guaranteed to posses the credibility and knowledge necessary to fully evaluate and repair any damage caused to your home by hail, wind, or fire.

Damaged Vent Shaft
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