Emergency Leak Tarping

Emergency Leak Tarping

Help! It’s raining and my roof is leaking!!

Leaky roofs can cause unwanted damage to your home and be extremely frustrating to work with, but thankfully there are plenty of products able to help with simple repairs. A common product used in leak repairs is tri-polymer sealant. Sealants are made to drip down into any holes and thicken over time to provide short-term, waterproof seals.

How do I patch the leak?!

The first thing to do is find the location of the leak, but often times this is easier said than done. Beams, nails, and various obstacles can cause water leaks to drip down from somewhere other than source hole. Start in the attic or near the highest ceilings, preferably during a rain storm so the leak is more easily visible. After you’ve pinpointed where the leak is coming from, stick something through the hole so you don’t lose the location. Choose something smaller than the actual hole to avoid making it any larger.

Anything valuable underneath the hole will need to be moved before you begin the sealing process. When the weather clears and you’re ready to start your patch job, grab the sealant and spread a thick layer over the hole, making sure to cover it thoroughly.

Is that it?

Although sealants are great for small, temporary patch jobs, repairing large holes and leaks should be left to the professionals to ensure quality long-term or permanent fixes. Getting problems looked at before any major issues pop up can prevent extensive damage to your home and save you money in the long run.

If you’re having trouble locating a leak or unsure about how to repair it properly, contact Tipton Windstorm Construction for emergency leak tarping and a full inspection of your roof. We offer fast, temporary options to save your home from devastating water damage while you’re waiting on full repairs or insurance claims.

Emergency Leak Tarping